VFW Post 1509 House Rules


  1. All members and guests will comply with the VFW rules, Post 1509 Rules and Canteen By-Laws and rules, as well as applicable existing federal, state and local laws.

  2. All patrons will obey the directions of the Canteen staff.

  3. The canteen proper is considered a “No Smoking” area. The designated smoking area will be outside the Canteen.  The purpose of this clause is to respect the health requirements and desires of our members and guests.

  4. In keeping with the intent of the law to prevent exposure to second hand smoke, no person under the age of 18 shall be permitted to sit or loiter in the front smoking patio.

  5. The Post telephones are intended for Post business and Emergency calls only.

  6. Boisterous and rowdy conduct, overindulgent use of alcoholic beverages, or the use of racial, demeaning, abusive, or vulgar language will not be condoned. These and other anti-social behavior or conduct is strictly forbidden. Violators will be required to leave the canteen premises.

  7. Any member or guest who strikes another person in a non-self-defense manner will be immediately ejected from the Post for 30 days pending the finding of the House Committee.

  8. Absolutely no intimidation, harassment, abusive language, or undue familiarity toward or with Canteen employees will be tolerated at any time.

  9. Running of bar/food tabs is not allowed without a credit card hold. The Canteen will not accept personal checks.

  10. Pets are forbidden access to the Canteen at all times, with the exception of service dogs for the disabled. Service animals of members or guests shall be permitted access to the Post with the exception of food preparation areas. Pets are allowed on the front or back patio as long as none of the members or guests present object. Pets which become threatening, agitated, or out of control must be taken off the post premises immediately or locked in a private conveyance. (note: Emotional Support, Comfort, or Therapy Animals are not covered under Federal law & not considered service animals under ADA)

  11. Clothing that violates reasonable standards of neatness and cleanliness, or is morally distasteful or violates common decency and propriety, shall not be worn in the Post/Canteen. Member’s, guest’s, and employee’s dress will be such that it is not overly provocative or displays offensive or inappropriate language, slogan, or pictures. Other items of potentially inappropriate clothing include excessively torn jeans or shorts, extremely bagging shorts or pants which reveal underwear, shirts designed as undergarments, or other revealing attire. Canteen staff must wear closed toe footwear while on duty.

  12. Happy Hour. Happy hour is from open to 7 pm daily. All VFW members receive happy hour prices at all times.

  13. The Canteen staff may, at their discretion unless otherwise directed by Canteen Manager or HCC, close the Canteen early under the following circumstances:

    1. Patronage at the Canteen drops to four or less patrons for 30 minutes after 11 pm on Monday through Thursday or when costs of staying opens exceeds revenues.

    2. A personal emergency occurs to them or their dependent(s) that could reasonably lead to a loss of life or significant injury or illness. (Canteen staff should immediately contact the Canteen Manager upon such notification)

  14. The Canteen staff will close the Canteen early under the following circumstances:

    1. The Canteen staff determines that keeping the bar open would pose a hazard to the members, their guest(s) or the public or that significant property damage might occur, such as during severe weather.

    2. When ordered to do so by any competent government authority such as the Police, Fire Department, National Guard, Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, etc.

  15. Weapons are prohibited inside the Post. The Canteen staff, HCC, (or any Post Executive Officer if clarification is requested), at their sole discretion, may designate an object as a weapon and ask that the object be removed from the premises. Exceptions include:

    1. Utensils such as knives that are property of the Post for the use in preparing food.

    2. Pocket knives of reasonable size (in accordance with current Guam law). This rule is subject to the discretion of the Bartender on duty, or any Post Officer as they see fit.

    3. Weapons normally used in the line of duty carried by Law Enforcement Officials.

  16. The use of the Juke Box or other music will be discontinued during sporting event broadcasts or other such broadcasts that contain information of major impact to the general public (Presidential, Governmental or breaking news). The Canteen staff, HCC, (or any Post Executive Officer if clarification is requested) will enforce this rule in the interest of the majority of customers. The jukebox volume shall be maintained at a level that does not interfere with normal conversation.

  17. The use of all Canteen TV’s shall be controlled by the Canteen staff on duty. The TV shall be on station programing based on the majority of patrons present. The volume of TV’s shall be maintained at a level that does not interfere with normal conversation Canteen.

  18. Posting of signs within confines of the Canteen must be approved by the Canteen Manager or HC Chairperson.

  19. The only persons authorized behind the bar, in the kitchen, or in the storeroom are Canteen staff on duty, Commander, SVC, JVC, Quartermaster, Trustees, HC members, and Safety Chairman in performance of their official duties.

  20. All patrons will be signed-in upon entering the Canteen.

    1. Sponsors are responsible for their guest’s behavior when they are on the premises.

    2. The HC Chairman or Post Commander may waive the requirement for Guests to be signed in during special events and functions where the public is invited to attend.


  1. “Last Call” for services will commence 30 minutes prior to closing. Any and all alcoholic drinks previously purchased and stored in Canteen coolers but not consumed by “last Call” shall become property of the Canteen and be included in the evening inventory. Canteen employees will retrieve all drinks not consumed at the time of closing. All non-employees will depart the Canteen no later than the established closing time.

  2. As necessary, bartenders and Post Officers will help ensure all patrons will safely arrive at their next destination by calling a taxi, making sure the patron calls for a ride, or identifying a designated driver in the party.

  3. All drinks must be consumed on canteen premises by closing. Canteen employees will remove all drinks not consumed at closing time.

  4. All food and beverages offered for sale within the canteen and on Post property will be purchased by the canteen.

  5. No outside food or beverages are allowed on the premises except as authorized by the Canteen Manager or HC.

  6. All beverages consumed in the Canteen must be purchased through Canteen services and consumed within the Canteen premises.

  7. No private liquor bottles, to include miniatures, will be allowed. All mixes for set-ups will be furnished by Canteen services. Post members or guests may not bring their own mix or mix their own drinks. Exceptions: patrons may bring in bottled water or coffee.

  8. The Canteen Manager and/or HC has the authority to contract the use of the Canteen/Post Home for private parties or functions during other than normal operating hours as long as it does not conflict with other scheduled Canteen activities. No activities will be conducted in the Canteen during other than normal operating hours that do not benefit the post home.

  9. Food and special beverages provided by the Canteen for special events shall be consumed on the premises.  It will not be brought outside the Canteen unless authorized by the Canteen Manager or HC Chairperson.

  10. As part of our Post tradition, the Canteen is authorized to provide one free drink to a Post 1509 member (in good standing) on the member’s birthday.  The receipt will be marked to indicate the purpose of the free drink to facilitate bookkeeping. 

  11. While Post Officers and House Committee Members cannot be absolved of their responsibilities to the Post while consuming alcoholic beverages as patrons, they should defer making Post decisions as appropriate.

  12. Any paid staff working in the kitchen must have a valid Health Certificate. Others who routinely assist with post operations may also obtain a Health Certificate at their convenience, especially if routinely assisting the post canteen.



  1. The Canteen Manager has exclusive authority over Canteen employees.

  2. Canteen staff shall not solicit drinks.

  3. Alcohol – Canteen staff shall not consume alcohol while on duty. (Note: volunteers should drink in moderation, using good judgement while consuming alcohol.)

  4. All complaints concerning Canteen services or employees will be first brought to the attention of the Canteen Manager.  If not resolved to complainant’s satisfaction, then they will be addressed to the House Committee.

  5. The Canteen staff has the right to refuse service to anyone violating the above rules, and ask them to leave the premises.   Additionally, they may recommend debarment when deemed necessary.  Any recommended debarments will be reported immediately to the HC Chairman and Post Commander in accordance with Section 305 of the Canteen By-Laws. In the absence of the Canteen Manager, the on-duty staff has the right of service refusal authority.

  6. Only Canteen staff and Post officers designated by name and position are authorized behind the bar.  However, for purposes of cooking and aiding the Canteen or in situations when necessary, the Canteen Manager, or if not present, senior Post officer, can approve access behind the bar.  In the absence of the aforementioned people the on-duty bartender has the approval/disapproval authority.

  7. Canteen Manager and elected Post officers will assist in Canteen operations when required.  In an extended absence of the Canteen Manager (e.g., vacation), the HC Chairperson, with approval of HC and Post Commander, may appoint in writing a person (with appropriate ABC license and Health Certificate) who will temporarily act as Canteen Manager.  This letter will be posted at the Canteen.

  8. The Canteen Manager has the authority to permit the use of the Canteen for meetings and functions of other military related organizations during other than normal operating hours, or during normal operating hours as long as Canteen does not have to be closed, or the access of regular members restricted.

  9. The Canteen may sponsor teams as part of the local Leagues for the following: Darts, Pool, Shuffleboard.  The Canteen Manger will ensure the appropriate area is configured to comply with League requirements and pay entry fees for sponsored teams from Canteen operating expenses.  Incidental expenses such as dartboards, markers, etc., will come from Canteen expenses.

  10. The Canteen Manager, in conjunction with the HC, will develop a long-range plan for “capital improvement” of the Canteen.  Examples are computers, air conditioners, major construction such as shelving or bar improvements, etc.  The Post membership will approve recommendations for such improvements at a general membership meeting.



  1. There will be “no drinking of alcoholic beverages” during regular or special Post general membership meetings in accordance with established VFW National by-laws. Committee Chairpersons reserve the right to set specific guidelines for their meetings.

  2. Only designated VFW members will be allowed to enter the Post/Canteen outside normal operating hours. 

    1. This includes the Canteen Manager and elected officials of the Post. 

    2. Entry will be for official VFW business only, such as to obtain items stored in the canteen, or to prepare for special functions/events.

  3. The speed limit on post premises is 5MPH. Handicapped parking is reserved for vehicles displaying authorized Handicapped placards. Vehicles will be parked in an orderly manner and shall not impede the flow of traffic into and out of the Post parking lot. No vehicle shall park in such a manner as to block access to or from any Post building exit.

  4. Vehicles may be left overnight at the owner’s risk, however, vehicles left at the Post longer than 24 hours are subject to towing at the owner’s expense.

  5. All scheduling for use of Post 1509 facilities or equipment shall be approved by the HC Chairperson or other Delegated Authority (i.e. Canteen Manager).

  6. Keys to the Canteen will be maintained by the Commander, HCC, and Canteen Manager.  At the Commander’s discretion he may authorize keys to be produced for the Post SVC, JVC, and QM. A copy of all keys will be maintained in the locked safe in the office to be used in emergency situations only. These keys will not be issued to anyone without the permission of the Post Commander or in his absence, the SVC.

  7. If the American Flag is displayed outside the entrance of the Canteen, it will be retired at nightfall each day, unless properly lighted.

  8. Staff Job Descriptions and Wages/Salaries: Refer to the Post Standard Operating Procedures for guidance and regulations.

  9. Post officers are authorized and expected to enforce these House Rules.